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The Art of Kinetik Hedonist

With yachts the designers have a very special attribute that perhaps no other form of mechanical art has, and that is sheer scale. An item of this size is not bound to just have architectural lines, it can truly have an architectural impact. Wally is one example of a manufacturer that makes yachts like this but one builder that have flown under my radar until just recently is Art of Kinetik, based in Belgrad, Serbia who have been operational since 2007. Their quest is to create the ultimate balance of art and performance and by the looks of their vessels they are quite a good way towards achieving that goal.

They have one model which is of particular interest to me, not only because of the name (it’s called the Hedonist), but most of all because it’s such a beautiful example of how good things can turn out when there’s a clear philosophy behind the concept, the design interprets the concept in a new and timeless way and the execution is flawless.