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Pyrotechnic Art Festival Cannes last hotel deal

Since 1998, Cannes Pyrotechnic Art Festival has welcomed the world’s greatest pyrotechnics every year on 14, 21 and 29 July and 7, 15 and 24 August. The show, performed on a 400-metre sea front and 200 meter high, is watched by 200,000 spectators every night, who gather along the Croisette.

The master alchemists of illumination practice this thousand-year-old art form using the ultimate innovations of our time, combining creativity, technology and high precision. The reflection of the fireworks on the water and the sounds cape that accompanies them transport the public to an enchanting world with a series of scene
This is a meeting of the gods of the world of fireworks. Every year, the winner of the event receives a Vestale d’argent awarded by a jury, which bases its judgment on the originality of the theme and the elements presented, the staging, the quality of the musical illustration, the synchronization, colours, firing cadence and the general rhythm as well as the construction of the programme. 

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